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Session 6

Wednesday, 10/4, 10:25 AM - 11:10 AM


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Great Hall C - 2nd floor

Petticoats and Primary Sources: A Parade of Suffragettes

Janet Bass, Oklahoma Christian School
Jan Davis, Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

Here's an invitation to peaceably assemble as we encounter the stories of activists for women's voting rights. Using primary sources from the Library of Congress,  we'll march through critical thinking skills  with maps, political cartoons, prints and more. A look at the past will help your students cast their ballots to define new possibilities for future participation in the public sphere.

Great Hall D - 2nd floor

Oklahoma Author Showcase Panel 2

Jesse Haynes, Author
Hannah Harrison, Illustrator
Tammi Sauer, Author
Kim Ventrella, Author
Jane McKellips, Author

Library Media - All Levels

Come meet award-winning Oklahoma authors and illustrators as they discuss their latest books, share behind-the-scene stories about their writing and illustrating, and tell about their upcoming works and visits for the 2017-18 school year. Each showcase, Panels 1 & 2, feature different speakers, so be sure to catch both sessions. Door prizes include autographed copies of books and posters. Come join the fun!

Great Hall E - 2nd floor

Moore Ideas for Your Secondary Library

Michelle Grogan, Moore PS
Mary Pelton, Moore PS
Amy McReynolds, Moore PS
Alyson Bailey, Moore PS

Library Media - High School

High school librarians in Moore share ideas that work for secondary libraries.

Room A - 1st floor

Engage Students in Fun New Ways with Minecraft: Education Edition

Dani Rippy, Microsoft

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

Educators today are increasingly challenged to capture and maintain the attention and engagement of every student in their class. Minecraft: Education Edition is a way for these educators to bring the classroom and curriculum to the students, in an environment they are already comfortable and familiar with. Minecraft: Education Edition is the same Minecraft experience many students enjoy and play already, but with some additional capabilities to enable student collaboration in the classroom, and support educators to deliver lessons and learning activities within the game.

Room 9 - 1st floor

Building Vivid Vocabulary

Dr. Keith Polette, University of Texas at El Paso

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

Students will become more skilled readers if they learn to expand their vocabularies.  This session will present new, dynamic ways to teach students how to develop the critical vocabulary skills they need to become more effective readers.

Room 10 - 1st floor

From Thirteen Reasons Why to The Hate You Give: Using Novels to Increase Student Engagement

Nicole Cruse, Heavener PS

Curriculum & Instruction - High School

I will explain how I have created a Reading for Pleasure class to take steps in order to increase student reading engagement across my school. I have used this platform to engage students in order to help them find literature that parallels their story while facilitating an environment of self advocacy. Included will be resources used in a regular ELA class along with RFP materials.

Room 11 - 1st floor

Saddle Up for Summer Learning

Mark Heisey, Noble Public Library
Maureen Pridgeon, Noble Public Library
Cathy Adams, Noble Public Library
Dr. Jon Myers, Noble PS

Curriculum & Instruction - Elementary

Noble Summer Academy was a pilot summer learning program during July 2016.  This three week session was a collaborative effort of the Noble Public Schools and Noble Public Library, Pioneer Library System.  Speakers will share the process of development as well as the methods used for marketing and facilitating the program.  Session will conclude with a discussion of how participants can adapt the program for their community.

Room 12 - 1st floor

On Safari with the Digital Natives with Dr. Sara Tonin and Ms. N. Omer

Andrew Boatmen, Oakdale PS

Instructional Technology - All Levels

Delve into teaching with technology as we examine the users, consumers, and creators of our work as teachers. How do we shift our models of instruction to the digital age? How do we merge the shiny and new with the tried and true? Let's come together and explore so we are not just sightseers on this journey  of integration.

Room 16 - 2nd floor

A New Way to Fill the Need to Teach and Remember the Oklahoma City Bombing

Gaye Sanders, The RoadRunner Press

Curriculum & Instruction - Elementary

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing, Oklahomans vowed to never forget.  Now, more than twenty years later, we work to pass on to our children not only the horror, but the hope that rose out of the darkest day in our state's history.  THE SURVIVOR TREE tells that story through the eyes of the American elm that witnessed it all, becoming in the process a symbol of hope and strength to the world.  The author will give ideas on how the book can fill a genuine need in teaching Oklahoma Academic State Standards for 4th grade, and also for the secondary Oklahoma History course requirements.

Room 17 - 2nd floor

I Don't Know How to Code...

Teresa Lansford, Norman PS

Library Media - Elementary

Guess what? I run a coding club, write about coding activities, and I started a robotics program at my school. But I don't know how to code myself. You can do all these things even if you don't know how to code either! Participants in this session will leave with amazing ideas that are easy to implement tomorrow, with no coding skills needed!

Room 19 - 2nd floor

Collaboration and Advocacy Between Administrators and School Library Specialists through Social Media

Michelle Robertson, University of Central Oklahoma
Tara Dalinger, University of Central Oklahoma
Dawn Pearce, University of Central Oklahoma
Cheryl Evans, University of Central Oklahoma

School Administration - All Levels

Social media provides opportunities for administrators and school librarians to collaborate in providing professional development experiences and advocacy initiatives. This presentation will provide tools and ideas for facilitating collaboration between administrators and school librarians.

Room 20 - 2nd floor

Student-Led Online Daily News Broadcast

Katie Steele, Union PS
Faith Hamilton, Union PS

Instructional Technology - All Levels

We will share how to use students to produce an online daily morning announcements using iPads, green screen, iMovie, and other cool apps.  We will also share our experience and success with creating and school Vimeo channel.

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