November 29 & 30

Session 6

Friday, 11/30, 10:25 AM - 11:10 AM


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Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Great Hall A

E-Rate and OUSF Update - "Hot Off the Press News" from Leaders in the Field

  • Deborah Sovereign, Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting
  • Marci White, Kellogg & Sovereign Consulting, LLC

Join this interactive session with Kellogg & Sovereign's E-Rate experts who will share the most recent updates from October meetings in Washington DC, USAC filing updates for E-Rate FY2019, along with rule changes anticipated for 2020-21. Learn how to use online E-Rate tools and view OUSF causes. Attendees will be given the opportunity to delve into details regarding their specific E-rate and OUSF filings. Questions may be submitted in advance to

School Administration, All Levels

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Great Hall B

Embracing Nonviolence in the School Library

  • Dr. Heidi W. Jenkins, Bixby Public Schools

In this session, principles of peace and nonviolence education and why they are important to curriculum will be discussed. Book award lists and additional book lists encompassing books that can help facilitate discussions in the library about peace and nonviolence will be presented and discussed. Some selections will be critiqued in order to encourage critical inquiry regarding texts. A few titles that provide good examples of peace and nonviolence principles will also be book talked.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Great Hall C

National Standards ICEBreaker! Meet the I’s of the New National School Library Standards, Inquire and Include

  • Amanda Kordeliski, Oklahoma School Librarians

Join fellow Oklahoma librarians to discover strategies and resources for implementing the Shared Foundations of Inquire and Include in our schools.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Great Hall D

Session 1 of 2: Protecting Student Data Privacy for District Leadership; Leadership and Business Practices

  • Jun Kim, Moore Public Schools

Session 1 of 2. Educational technology has become one of the largest instructional shifts in history. An estimated $250 billion dollars in spending is projected by 2020 on educational technology to enrich your student learning. Yet, protecting your student data rights are just catching up. Are you keeping up with the changes? Join me as we walk through a rubric to assess key areas in leadership and look at your business practices. Highly encouraged to attend in teams of IT directors, Instructional coordinators, and teachers

Technology Infrastructure, All Levels

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Great Hall E

Oklahoma Authors Showcase Panel 2

  • Jesse Haynes
  • Gwendolyn Hooks
  • Anna Myers
  • Kimberly Ventrella

The Oklahoma Author's Showcase is a long-running panel that allows attendees to hear from some of the most established, successful voices in Oklahoma writing along with meeting new faces of on-the-rise literaytalent.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Room 1

Differentiated Instruction for the Regular Classroom

  • Brenda Turner, Brenda Turner Books

This session provides strategies and best practices for meeting the needs of gifted and talented students in the regular classroom.  Join Brenda Turner, children’s author and gifted facilitator, as she shares workable solutions to the challenge of keeping a gifted student excited about learning and consistently engaged in classroom.

Gifted and Talented, Elementary

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Room 2

Moore Library Media Center Magic

  • Shelly Lee, Central Jr. High
  • Tina Clinton, Brink Jr. High
  • Gretchen Freshour, Moore West Jr. High

You will walk away with tried and true lessons, programs, and ideas you can implement  into your library media center immediately.  Three jr. high Library Media Specialists from the Moore Public Schools district will share their best that you can take home and use today.

Library Media, Middle School/Junior High

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Room 3

Create Your Own Adventure - Tell a story with Google

  • Andrew Boatman, Oakdale Public Schools

Delve into writing, literacy, logic, and technology to craft a Create Your Own Adventure Story using Google Tools. Not only will we learn how to create a CYOA story but you will be equipped to teach your students this engaging interactive narrative.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Room 5

Unlocking Symbaloo Power: Implementing AASL Standards Through Symbaloo

  • Teresa Lansford, Norman Public Schools

Participants will learn about the new features in Symbaloo for educators and the potential they pose for implementing the new AASL Standards.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Room 7


  • Apple Computer

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Room 8

Hone Your Information Literacy SuperPowers with Britannica!

  • Jennifer Keating, Britannica Digital Learning

Discover YOUR information literacy superpowers with Britannica! Explore strategies to uncover information needs and determine how to locate, evaluate, and use the content that you find. With these strategies, you can help your students become excellent digital citizens!  We will also cover the Basics of Britannica School as well!

Library Media, All Levels

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Room 9

Igniting Minds:  Using Picture Books to Teach Literary Elements

  • Ketih Polette, Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso

Frequently students do not see the value of learning literary elements; in fact, they often find learning these elements to be the opposite of engaging.  By using picture books to teach literary elements, we can disarm student resistance, engage their minds, and expand their schema, and excite their imaginations. This session will present specific, successful strategies for helping students learn - and retain - literary elements in fiction.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Room 10

Implementing a Reading for Pleasure Class to Help Students Find Their Voice- Literature Responses Using Various Methods

  • Nicole Cruse, Heavener High School

In the era of social media and instant information, everyone seemingly has a voice. However, students increasingly feel lost in the “feed” of constant feedback, opinions, and information. In order for students to develop a stronger sense of self, a desire to advocate for their own learning, and skills that will provide them with the required tools for college or a career, students must expand their worlds. Despite living in the 21st century, many students are limited in travel, news, and life experiences. One of the best and most accessible ways for students to expand their breadth of experience and knowledge is to read. Students need to know that literature, both classic and modern, can provide them a window into the fears, desires, and accomplishments of people from different countries, socio-economic backgrounds, religions, and cultures.  One approach to this is an independent reading class. A Reading for Pleasure class works to provide students with access and support for such texts.  The class engages students to help them find literature that parallels their story while facilitating an environment of self-advocacy.

Curriculum and Instruction, High School

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Room 11

Using Trade Books to Teach Science/STEM for Elementary students

  • Julane Whipple, National Science Teachers Association

Science + Reading = Student Success.  By using picture books to pique students’ interest, we can combine science teaching with reading instruction in an engaging and effective way.  Help students better understand scientific concepts and skills; explore applications of science; define engineering problems; apply science and engineering practices; practice creating tables and graphs; and use geometry - and improve reading skills along the way!

Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary

Session 6, Friday, 11/30, 10:25-11:10, Room 12

Utilizing Technology for Individualized Literacy Tutoring

  • Jen Oswald, NWOSU Literacy Center Director
  • Heather Armbruster Minson, NWOSU Student
  • Megan Brown, NWOSU Student

NWOSU Literacy Center provides free one-on-one literacy tutoring, pairing one NWOSU education major with one area K-8 student. Tutors are required to utilize instructional technology during weekly tutoring sessions.  Our center utilizes Promethean panels, iPads, and Chromebooks. Come learn about our program and we will show you about our favorite technology tools for literacy tutoring!

Instructional Technology, Elementary

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