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Session 5

Tuesday, 10/3, 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM


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Great Hall C - 2nd floor

How Fun Can Increase Engagement in Assessments

Andre Daughty

Instructional Technology - All Levels

Game-Based Learning (GBL) and Gamification are finally gaining some real traction in the teaching community. Using games allows subject-specific content and relevant educational standards to be embedded in an immersive game experience. Some teachers have been using video games for as long as they have had computers. They valued the strategy of presenting material in a variety of ways in order to reach different kinds of intelligences and learning styles, and this workshop uses that same approach. In this “play with me” session, we will play a game using the web tool, Kahoot, then customize or create a game you can use with your students, class, or organization.

Great Hall D - 2nd floor

iPad Essentials

Charri Stratton, Putnam City PS
Jeni James, Putnam City PS
Mariah Kennemer, Putnam City PS

Instructional Technology - All Levels

With over 2 million apps in the App Store the options of which apps to use with you students can be overwhelming.  Seven years into our iPad deployment we have developed a list of what we believe is essential for almost all iPad users that crosses grade and subject levels, while allowing students and teachers to get the most from their iPads.

Great Hall E - 2nd floor

Coding is No Secret!

Kim Landers, Muskogee PS
Cathy Anthis, Muskogee PS
Amanda Cumbey, Muskogee PS

Library Media - Elementary

You don't need to know a lot about coding to use these resources. This session will explain how to use library and technology resources to create an interactive STEM unit through project based learning. Participants will have the opportunity to code and interact with a variety of robots at the conclusion of the session. Participants are encouraged to bring their own device to this session.

Room A - 1st floor

Five Exciting Ways to Bring  the World into Your Classroom Using Skype for Education

Moriah Lamb, Microsoft

Instructional Technology - All Levels

Skype in the Classroom enables thousands of teachers to inspire the next generation of global citizens through transformative learning over Skype. You can connect your students with other classrooms around the world and collaborate on projects or one-off calls, or invite an expert to talk to your students over Skype.

Room 9 - 1st floor

Fruits, Nuts, and Veggies, Oh My!

Audrey Harmon, Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom
Cheri Long, Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom
Melody Aufill, Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom 

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

Each participant will receive a book full of ideas to integrate Fruits, Nuts, and Veggies into your curriculum using crafts, recipes, games, science experiments, and art projects.  This workshop will be interactive and you will leave equipped to start using the activities in your classroom immediately!  You will also be qualified to apply for a $300 grant.

Room 10 - 1st floor

Googley Add-Ons and Extensions

Tami Shaw, Positive Strategery & Edmond PS

Instructional Technology - All Levels

Google Chrome Extensions and Google Drive Add-Ons can increase your productivity and make work more fun! We'll share some must-have add-ons and extensions, plus a few oddball favorites. Participants will have an opportunity to share their favorites as well!

Room 11 - 1st floor

How to Host a TEDxYouthDay in Your School!

Cristin Ashcraft, Enid PS
Adam Beauchamp, Clinton PS
Nancy Glover, Enid PS
Kitty Herbel, Enid PS

Library Media - Middle School/Junior High

Participants in this session will gain a full understanding of hosting a TEDx in their school. The presentation will include: how to apply for a license, choosing an Event name, Student and Adult TEDTalks, TED requirements and rules, entertainment, PR and social media, Video Recording and Posting to TED.com. We will share our tips and tricks for the full TEDx process and experience.

Room 12 - 1st floor

Enhancing Literacy with New Learning Experiences

TBA, Apple, Inc.

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

Discover how Apple products can enhance literacy learning and how educators can use mobile devices and digital learning experiences to personalize learning and strengthen literacy skills. Explore a range of tools, lessons, and resources to enhance teaching and learning for a variety of literacies.

Room 16 - 2nd floor

Books as Hooks: Fishing for PD Opportunities using Primary Resources

Janet Bass, Oklahoma Christian School
Jenny Regier, Enid Public Library
Jan Davis, Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Library Media - All Levels

"If wishes were fishes...!"  Stop wishing! Just come get the bait you need to snag an incredible PD event for your library or school with resources from the Library of Congress. Hear real life stories about catching the "big one" from project directors, instructors & participants. Sail away with a tackle box full of all you need to know about grant possibilities for PD training in using primary sources.

Room 17 - 2nd floor

Using Technology to Differentiate Instruction

Paige Holden, Norman PS
Cindy Castell, Norman PS

Instructional Technology - Middle School/Junior High

In this session, we will discuss best practices for using technology for differentiated instruction.  We will model examples of differentiation for content, process, and/or product, including the use of Newsela and Google Classroom, secondary centers, and inquiry learning.

Room 18 - 2nd floor

Dr. Seuss Goes Digital

Haley Wallace, Tulsa Technology Center

Curriculum & Instruction - Elementary

Discover exciting ways to incorporate digital tools in the K-3 ELA classroom to encourage student storytelling and word processing. This session has tools and extension ideas ready to use!

Room 19 - 2nd floor

Creating Virtual Reality Lessons in the K12 Classroom

Victor Rook, Moore PS

Instructional Technology - All Levels

This presentation presents a first-person "walk-through" of the design and development process taken by our High School coding students in bringing Virtual Reality to the classroom.  Students were asked to choose a person of historical importance and create a 360 degree immersive Virtual Reality meeting with them.  Our students created meetings with King Tut, Rachael Carson Neil Armstrong and others and presented these projects to nearby elementary classrooms. The technologies that we utilized included the Unity game engine, Google Cardboard, and the Android Development Kit. It is our hope that sharing the story of our success in creating VR content for the classroom will serve to inspire and inform other classroom teachers. We hope to serve as an example of the risk and reward that comes from the process of bringing emerging technologies into the classroom.

Room 20 - 2nd floor

Digital Portfolio using SeeSaw App

Rene Stoffels-Canchola, Enid PS

Instructional Technology - Elementary

SeeSaw is a digital portfolio. Students can show what they know, using pictures, videos, drawings, text, PDFs and links or attach files. Parents can view their child's work and comment. You can also import from many compatible apps.

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