November 29 & 30

Session 5

Thursday, 11/29, 3:30 PM - 4:15 PM


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Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Great Hall A

I Have an Ed Tech Question - I'm Asking for a Friend

  • Neal Kellogg, Oklahoma City Public Schools
  • Chari Stratton, Putnam City Public Schools

Come and ask your burning Ed Tech questions...for a friend, of course!  Instead of a formal presentation, this will be an open question-and-answer session.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Great Hall B

Advocacy in Action: Promoting Your School Library

  • Cherity Pennington, Shawnee Public Schools
  • Teresa Lansford, Norman Public Schools

This session will provide tools for attendees to advocate for school library programs, including how to collect and share data with stakeholders and how to share stories from the community.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Great Hall C

Oklahoma Tech Director Roundtable

  • Eric Hileman, Oklahoma City Public Schools
  • Cory Boggs, Putnam City Public Schools

For tech directors only.  You bring the topics and ask the discuss with the group.

School Administration, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Great Hall D

Tetons to the Tortugas: Bringing America's National Parks to Oklahoma Students

  • Roy Deering, RoadRunner Press author

Award-winning author Roy Deering takes participants on a thrilling ride to some of the most incredible places on earth... And they're right here in our backyard. From Yellowstone to the Everglades, and from Glacier to the Grand Canyon - America's National Parks offer teaching opportunities in every discipline.

Curriculum and Instruction, Middle School/Junior High

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Great Hall E

Moving Toward Digital Learning? Let’s Discuss Planning and Devices

  • Kurt Bernhardt, Oklahoma State Department of Education

Many districts are moving toward digital learning for students. There’s a right way and wrong way to do it. Learn the best way and the best devices.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Room 1

Google Certified Educator Exam Prep

  • Curtis Shahan, Comanche Public Schools

The Google Certified Educator program was designed for the classroom teacher but is open for any educator to pursue.  Show the world you know all things Google.  We will discuss the details of the exam from study material to registration.  We will even give out some handy tips for test taking.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Room 2

Beginners Guide to Grant Writing for School Librarians

  • Alesha Baker, Northeastern State University
  • Kelli Carney, Northeastern State University
  • Diana Johnson, Bartlesville Public Schools

During this presentation, attendees will review several available grants for school librarians, learn how to complete grants, and hear from a current school librarian about her experience writing, receiving, and using a grant.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Room 3

Future Awaits 101

  • Lisa Battige, Shawnee Public Schools

The session will cover a program we have implemented at Shawnee High School.  In collaboration with senior English teachers, we worked together to develop a Career Exploration and Research project.  Students are asked to take a career interest quiz and then take the results and research three careers or jobs they are interested in. The session organizer will demonstrate tools that students used for their research.  For example the Occupational Outlook Handbook website and how to use college degree checklist and career statistics. At the end of this project, students are required to write an essay.  In addition to the research portion, participants of the session will view how students use the career center in the library.  This center is equipped with computers and resources where students can apply for jobs, apply for college, work on their FAFSA, and other college requirements. Participants will also discuss how mock interviews are conducted and what local community leaders are wanting in future employees. Lastly, participants will see ways to encourage parent involvement and college prep events. Problem statement or question: Many seniors in high school are not prepared to learn about jobs and careers.  This is a growing problem.  With the Future 101 program, this will give students and parents resources for career exploration and future job opportunities. In addition, this will allow students to seek clarification and answers about interviewing and or college related questions.

Library Media, High School

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Room 4

Professional Development Resources in Digital Prairie

  • Lisa Dennis, EBSCO Information Services

Did you know you have access to over 500 full-text professional educational journals available through your school library? Attend this session and see what’s available, how to access and more! Some titles include: Educational Leadership, Knowledge Quest, School Counselor, Teaching Exceptional Children, School Administrator, School Library Journal, Teacher Librarian and much more. These resources are valuable for teachers, librarians and administrators.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Room 5

Technology & the Elementary Library

  • Nicki Brant, Duncan Public Schools

This session will focus on different ways to bring technology into the library.  My k-5 school is 1:1 chromebooks in 2nd-5th grades and 1:3 iPads for k-5.  The session will focus on different apps/extensions and websites that I use.

Library Media, Elementary

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Room 8

Britannica School Basics for Special Population Classrooms!

  • Jennifer Keating, Britannica Digital Learning

This session covers new and engaging ways to reach all learners using Britannica School, which you have access to courtesy of Digital Praire!  Learn how to address the many different needs of your students while providing them with rich, valuable content. We will explore varying levels of text complexity, multimedia resources, reading and vocabulary support tools, and more that can be used in your Special Education / ESL Classroom!

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Room 9

I Believe I Can Fly

  • Derick Brock, Mad Science

Derick Brock spent 10 years in the United States Air Force working on morale strengthening projects for our troops.  His assignments included cold war operations in Europe, wartime conditions during Desert Storm, and remote assignments in Alaska and Turkey. In 1996 he joined his new bride, Dr Tonette, in helping the poorest of the word’s poor in Mozambique and Zimbabwe through his work with World Vision and the United Nations World Food Programme. After serving 8 years in southern Africa, Derick and Tonette moved to Oklahoma. Drawing from his education in childhood recreation and work experience, combined with Tonette’s education in crop science, they brought Mad Science to their new home state.  In May they were honored as one of the fastest growing Mad Science franchises throughout the entire United States. Derick is now bringing that expertise to the grown up stage with his exciting presentation “I Believe I Can Fly”.  Using the four principles of flight, Derick takes us on a journey of remembering why we do what we do, discovering what holds us back, what lifts us up in our journey to greatness, and what keeps us grounded even as we reach for the stars. Part fascinating stories, part motivational talk, part learning science activities to use in your facility, but all exciting and fun.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Room 10

Project Based Learning- The How-To and the Why Not

  • Amber D Donaldson, Yukon Public Schools

This session will use the Oklahoma Academic Standards as a foundation for targeted project-based learning. Combining Google Classroom with other apps participants will leave with practical steps to successfully implement PBL in their classroom.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Room 11

The Writing Process with Google Apps

  • Amanda Oneth, Yukon Public Schools

How do you encourage students to peer revise? Is there a way to comment on a student's writing without carrying a class set of writer's notebooks around? Can you tell me a way to organize a digital writing portfolio for my students? This session will look at how to use Google Docs, Slides, and Drive throughout the writing process.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 5, Thursday, 11/29, 3:30-4:15, Room 12

One high-impact thing I do in my classroom/role is...

  • Tami Shaw, Edmond Public Schools & Positive Strategery

"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't." - Bill Nye

 This is a crowd-sourcing session, not a presentation. Come share something great you (and your students) do... a strategy, a phrase,  a tip, a tech tool, etc. Participants will have the opportunity to share  their ideas digitally, and depending on the size of the room, verbally too.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

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