OTA Encyclo-Media 38: November 29 & 30

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Session 4

Tuesday, 10/3, 2:30 PM - 3:15 PM


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Great Hall C - 2nd floor

HELP! I Want to Do Project Based Learning But I Don't Know How?

Andre Daughty

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

Have you wanted to do PBL but don’t know where to start or need some encouragement to make your units more authentic and engaging? If so, this is the session for you. Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. This Q&A session will provide an overview of PBL using the Buck Institute for Education (BIE) model.

Great Hall D - 2nd floor

Intermediate Sequoyah Presentation

Dana Beach, Sequoyah-Oklahoma Library Association

Library Media - Middle School/Junior High

The Intermediate Sequoyah Reading Team will present the titles on the 2018 Masterlist, as well as read-a-likes and ways to promote the list at schools.

Great Hall E - 2nd floor

Open Educational Resources and the School Librarian Role

Alesha Baker, Northeastern State University
Kelli Carney, Northeastern State University
Cates Schwark, Oklahoma State University

Library Media - All Levels

With decreased funding for education including textbooks and the introduction of the #GoOpen campaign by the U.S. State Department of Education more PK-12 schools are considering the adoption of open textbooks.  Librarians are trained to locate, access, and evaluate resources which are necessary skills for the transition to open educational resources.  As a school librarian, what is your role in this process?  The session will give a brief overview of open educational resources with a focus on open textbooks, and help you develop a better understanding of your role.

Room A - 1st floor

A Teacher's Day Made Easier with OneNote and OneNote Class Notebooks

Dani Rippy, Microsoft
Chris Akin, Microsoft
Brandon Wilmarth, Moore PS

Instructional Technology - All Levels

In education, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! With OneNote it’s as easy as ONE. One place to create all of your lessons, one place to share with students and one place to create student portfolios, projects and collaborative class creations! Discover how to create, organize and share dynamic notebooks rich with interactive content. Bring the classroom to life with enticing audio and video features. Stay organized and ontopic using tagging, tables and tabs for new content! Then, easily personalize the learning experience with Class Notebooks, which provides each student with their own private notebook viewable only by the teacher and individual. Use the Content library to digitize your existing lessons, and easily communicate with the entire group using the collaboration space. Keep tabs on your class and stay organized with OneNote!

Room 9 - 1st floor

Comprehending Nonfiction and Research without Copying

Dr. Keith Polette, University of Texas at El Paso

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

Students sometimes wrestle with nonfiction texts.  This workshop will present ways to teach students to learn to comprehend nonfiction - and to love doing so!  This session will also present sure-fire ways to keep students from ever copying or downloading research reports again.

Room 10 - 1st floor

Chromebooks Can Do That?

Britton Picciolini, Google
Drea Alphonso, Google

Instructional Technology - All Levels

Easy. Affordable. Versatile. Impactful. Chromebooks are the #1 selling device in education for many reasons, but do you know all they can do? Video editing? 3D CAD? Animated Story Creation? ELL Tools? Podcasting? Coding? The Google for Education Team will provide an introduction to the Chrome operating system, discuss the key differentiators of Chrome and show you just how versatile they are.

Room 11 - 1st floor

STEM the Waller Way!

Kitty Herbel, Enid PS
Cristin Ashcraft, Enid PS

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

We would like to showcase what our students are doing in our school.  We would also bring a couple of Spheros, Cubelets, and mBots so participants could experience what it’s like to code them.

Room 12 - 1st floor

What's New with Apple?

Mike Colvin, Apple, Inc.
Orlando Aguilar, Apple, Inc.
Jerram Froese, Apple, Inc.

Technology Infrastructure - All Levels

Come see how schools can now take advantage of the new features for education in iOS, macOS Sierra, and tvOS. Classroom 2.0, zero-touch Apple TV deployment, and new MDM features provide capabilities that simplify device management while supporting the best classroom experience.

Room 16 - 2nd floor

Make a Dream Come True

Anna Myers, Author

Library Media - All Levels

You can only become a writer by writing. If you're just getting started, though, the process can seem overwhelming. In this  session, Anna Myers, author of twenty nationally-recognized books, will offer tips on how to take the first concrete steps toward writing the book that already lives inside you. Get simple ideas for planning your story, professional writing guidelines, a list of pitfalls to avoid, strategies for publication, and lots more helpful information. Don't want to write?  This session will also teach you how to guide your students on their own writing journeys! Plus, you'll have the chance to WIN A FREE AUTHOR VISIT with Anna Myers for your school!

Room 17 - 2nd floor

The Tech Enhanced Classroom: How to Support Both Students and Teachers

Sara Adams, Norman PS

Instructional Technology - All Levels

In this session you will learn about several different applications to use to support today's learners in a 1:1 environment as well as how to provide support for teachers.

Room 18 - 2nd floor

What's Happening??!!

Stephanie Brucks, Tulsa PS
Tina Ham, Tulsa PS

Library Media - All Levels

This fast paced session will walk you through new ways (and remind you of ones you've forgotten about) to collaborate with teachers and engage students. We will share real successes (and even admit to some flops). We will cover a wide variety of digital resources including, itunesu, youtube, google classroom, google keep, Ed Puzzle, widgets, extensions and various web-based apps & tools. join us for an hour of "What's happening."

Room 19 - 2nd floor

Why Use Universal Screening for Gifted and Talented Identification

Angie Howard, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Gifted & Talented - All Levels

Universal Screening helps with identifying the currently underrepresented groups of low income and minority students.  The goal of this session will be to explain the basics of Universal Screening and the advantages of utilizing this form of screening versus the traditional referral method currently used in many districts.

Room 20 - 2nd floor

I Want My Mommy, but This Nice Librarian Will Do: Creating Safe Space in the Library

Terri Curtis, Norman PS
Dana Phillips, Norman PS

Library Media - All Levels

Before our students can be successful, they must feel safe and valued.  The library is a perfect place for our students to find a sense of belonging. Come to learn how an elementary and middle school librarian create an atmosphere of acceptance in the school library.  This session includes strategies for meeting the needs of all students.

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