OTA Encyclo-Media 38: November 29 & 30

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Session 3

Tuesday, 10/3, 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM


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Great Hall C - 2nd floor

The Classroom Starts with Culture

Andre Daughty

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

Is your classroom engagement not as effective as you imagined? Are your staff meetings missing the teamwork and culture? This session provides practical ways to establish and maintain culture using energizers, anecdotes, examples and protocols. This is definitely not a “sit and get” session! Be prepared to have fun as we learn together.

Great Hall D - 2nd floor

Children's Sequoyah Presentation

Jessalyn McCoin, Sequoyah-Oklahoma Library Association

Library Media - Elementary

The Children's Sequoyah Reading Team will present the 2018 Masterlist, as well as their choices for Not Quite Sequoyahs which are titles that almost made the list.

Great Hall E - 2nd floor

Empowering Student Voices Through Flipgrid

Heather Anderson, The Oklahoma State Writing Project

Instructional Technology - All Levels

Class numbers climbing? Don't have time to call on EVERY student? Would students rather post on YouTube than raise their hand in class? Looking for ways to get students to collaborate outside of class, practice their academic vocabulary, and work on their speaking and writing skills? Empower your students to share their ideas, culture, and voice with Flipgrid! In this demo, I will show you how to utilize the tech your students already use to change the way they approach analysis, discussion, speaking, listening, and writing. Join me!

Room A - 1st floor

Meet Microsoft Teams for Education: The Digital Hub for Teachers and Students

Sandra Arguello, Microsoft
Chris Akin, Microsoft

Instructional Technology - All Levels

Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place. Educators can create collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and communicate with school staff – all from a single experience in Office 365 for Education. Microsoft Teams save time and simplifies everyday logistics, leaving educators free to dedicate themselves to their students.

Room 9 - 1st floor

HIGHER ORDER LITERACY: The Keys to Comprehension

Dr. Keith Polette, University of Texas at El Paso

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

Spice up your reading curriculum with higher order literacy!  This dynamic, interactive workshop will deliver a plethora of ideas to help all language arts students develop and strengthen higher order literacy skills.  This workshop will focus on innovative, cutting-edge "best practices" to help students enhance literacy skills, discover the love of reading, develop higher order thinking skills.

Room 10 - 1st floor

What's New with Google EDU?

Britton Picciolini, Google
Drea Alphonso, Google

Instructional Technology - All Levels

This session will discuss new features that have rolled out for Google products over the past several months. Make sure you’re in the know!

Room 11 - 1st floor

Surfing the Tricky Waters of an ADA Accessible Website

Teddy Gabbart, Gabbart Communications

Technology Infrastructure - All Levels

Surfing the waters of current online ADA accessibility regulations can be tricky. Learn the rules to create a website that has the power to reach anyone regardless of their disability. Our mission is to connect Schools, Parents, and Communities through ADA compliant, Cloud-Based communication tools the right way.

Room 12 - 1st floor

Become an Apple Teacher: Fuel Your Passion for Learning

TBA, Apple, Inc.

Instructional Technology - All Levels

Build new skills. Inspire your students. Unlock the power of iPad, Mac, and Apple apps in your classrooms with Apple Teacher, a free professional learning program. Explore the Apple Teacher Starter Guides and the Apple Teacher Learning Center where you can earn badges and track your learning journey.

Room 16 - 2nd floor

Teching While Teaching in the Library

Amanda "Nicki" Brant, Duncan PS

Library Media - Elementary

This session will give guests a variety of technology tools that can be utilized in the library or in the classroom.  I will show examples from my elementary library.  Guests will spend time working with different tools/apps/websites to gain a better understanding of how they are used, and how they can use them in their classroom.

Room 17 - 2nd floor

We, School Librarians, Hold These Beliefs To Be Self-Evident

Kathryn Lewis, Norman PS

Library Media - All Levels

Participants will examine the tenets that school librarians believe to be integral to their roles and libraries.

Room 18 - 2nd floor

The Value of Computer Science in Elementary Schools

Haley Rychman, Southern Nazarene University
Macy Smart, Southern Nazarene University
Kaleb Dye, Southern Nazarene University

Instructional Technology - Elementary

This session focuses on the experience of three pre-service teachers who participated in either hands-on research into coding in the elementary classroom, teaching of computer coding programs, or directing computer science clubs for elementary students. Attendees will be introduced to the value of coding in the classroom and expressing the impacts of incorporating computer science into one's classroom curriculum. The pre-service teachers will share information about Scratch and CS-First, which were used during their experiences.

Room 19 - 2nd floor

Differentiation with Gifted Students in Mind

Rebecca McLaughlin, Oklahoma State Department of Education

Gifted & Talented - Elementary

Has your principal told you to "differentiate" instruction but you're not sure what she means?  With a variety of interpretations out there, we will define differentiation in practical terms.  We will offer sound strategies that are appropriate for gifted students, and that also work well with all students in your classroom.  Most strategies shared with be relevant to Elementary - Middle School teachers.

Room 20 - 2nd floor

Improving Reading Improvement

Jeanette Kennedy, Seminole Public Library

Library Media - All Levels

The inability to read is devastating. As many as 12% of Oklahomans lack the most basic literacy functions. That percentage includes school children and their parents. Your public library is willing to partner with your schools and civic programs to help fight this debilitating disorder. Learn how effective tutoring can change the lives of your students, their parents, and your community.

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