November 29 & 30

Session 3

Thursday, 11/29, 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM


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Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Great Hall A

Meet the Redbuds: Introducing the 2019 Redbud Read-Aloud Award Masterlist for PK-2nd Grades

  • Kenneth Brown, Redbud Read-Aloud Award
  • Kyle Brown, Redbud Read-Aloud Award
  • Tammi Sauer,
  • Brenda Maier,
  • Hannah E. Harrison,
  • Alastair Heim,

The Brown Brothers and special guests present the 2019 Redbud nominees and share strategies for implementing and growing your Redbud Read-Aloud Award program.

Library Media, Elementary

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Great Hall B

Adopting an Inclusion Mindset for Students with Disabilities

  • Andee Cooper, The RoadRunner Press

Author of SOMETIMES I GET THE WIGGLES and the Special Services Team Lead for Tulsa's Community Action Project, Andee Cooper daily advocates and helps identify some of Tulsa County's most vulnerable children with suspected disabilities.  She will over a path to a world in which all children's stories are valued and all school communities are inclusive.

Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Great Hall C

EDU Game Session

  • Adam Bellow, BreakoutEDU

Spotlight Session

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Great Hall D

OLA Children's Sequoyah Award Presentation

  • Alex Gates, OLA Children's Sequoyah Award Committee Chair

The OLA Children's Sequoyah Reading Team will present titles on the 2018 Masterlist, as well as the Not Quite Sequoyahs, which are titles that almost made the list. The team will also present ways to promote and teach the Masterlist titles, featuring Lightning Lesson Plans!  Quick and painless!

Library Media, Elementary

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Great Hall E

Equip, Adapt and Respond:  Creating Survivor Students

  • Alton Carter, The RoadRunner Press

Get an unvarnished look at why students see themselves as victims and gain the tools to change a victim mentality to that of a survivor.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Room 1

Synthesizing Curriculum - Combining Reading and Writing with High-Interest Topics to Maximize Student Learning

  • Anika Rohla, Seiling Public Schools

Synthesizing curriculum allows teachers to pick a high interest topic, such as "What makes a survivor?," and use reading and different types of writing to really make students comprehend the skills set forth by teaching objectives. After an initial ‘hook,’ students engross in the topic through fiction and non-fiction works, infused with different types and modes of writing. During this process, students are required to compare and contrast, differentiate, and fusing curriculum content and skills. This is reflected in different assignments throughout and an ultimate unit project. With a heavy technology emphasis, students are challenged on multiple levels, while keeping their learning interest. Actual, real-life units will be used to explain the process.

Curriculum and Instruction, Middle School/Junior High

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Room 2

Full STEAM Ahead With Literature

  • Amanda Cumbey, Muskogee Public Schools
  • Kimberly Lengerich, Muskogee Public Schools
  • Gina Batie, Muskogee Public Schools
  • Melissa Jones, Muskogee Public Schools

Can you really get "STEAM" out of one book? This session will incorporate STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) activities that correlate with literature across all grade levels. Attendees will leave with numerous new lessons and ideas to spark an interest in STEAM.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Room 3

The Wonders of

  • Darcy Tessman, East Central University
  • Terrie Becerra, East Central University

Learn one platform, but use it in many ways. It is that easy. is a website builder with more than a dozen template styles. In this session, view student-created blogs, portfolios, businesses, a web store, and an event.  

 Use as a tool to develop ISTE standards for students of digital citizenry, creative communication and innovative design of technology. At the same time, can allow for creative journaling, research papers, jigsaws, group project progress, and even help with club fundraisers. 

 Presenters will walk participants through the creation of a site and share the ways in which they have used with students. A group brainstorming session will target applications for your classroom.

Curriculum and Instruction, Middle School/Junior High

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Room 4

Secondary School Resources in Digital Prairie

  • Lisa Dennis, EBSCO Information Services

Come learn about EBSCO research tools for middle and high school students. We’ll discuss content focused on curriculum integration and homework help and share how to help student find materials for specific reading levels and more.

Library Media, High School

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Room 5

OklaSaid - LIVE!

  • Scott Haselwood, USAO
  • Erin Barnes, Epic Charter Schools

Join the hosts of OklaSaid for a live podcast session. Ever wonder what goes into creating a podcast? Wonder no more and be part of the podcast that is the official podcast on all things #OklaEd.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Room 8

Increasing Student Engagement with Promethean

  • Amanda Davis, Promethean
  • Jan Shiever, Haddock

Envision a classroom with connected solutions where engagement and achievement meet! Experience new technologies that allow classroom devices to connect both students and teachers. Explore new resources that infuse the classroom with rich, dynamic, interactive digital content. Immerse yourself in a new educational experience that creates a unique and empowering learning environment. Imagine a classroom with no boundaries and endless possibilities made possible by Promethean's newest technologies that allow learning to take place anytime, anywhere. The Promethean Modern Classroom provides tools that create captivating, motivating, informed, personalized, dynamic, memorable and engaging learning environments! Please bring a laptop or device for this interactive session.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Room 9

The Keys to Comprehension

  • Keith Polette, Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso

Spice up your reading curriculum with higher order literacy!  This dynamic, interactive workshop will deliver a plethora of ideas to help all language arts students develop and strengthen higher order literacy skills. This workshop will focus on innovative, cutting-edge "best practices" to help students enhance literacy skills, discover the love of reading, develop higher order thinking skills.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Room 10

Books, Bots and Brews: Reaching Out to Bring Them In

  • Emily Johnson, Jenks Middle School
  • Sheri Henning, Jenks High School
  • Shari McLaughlin, Jenks High School
  • Lisa Rowland, Jenks Freshman Academy

A panel of school librarians share programming and marketing ideas to reach teens and attract their interest in the services the library can offer them, including books, makerspace opportunities and a place to hang out.

Library Media, High School

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Room 11

Daily Planning made Simple with OAS and ACT Standards in Mind

  • Gary Sacket, ALCA

See a demonstration on how to streamline daily lesson planning with integrated Standards-aligned curriculum maps, units, activities, assessments, resources and instructional strategies.  Discover how the easy to use comprehensive Arch Planner can cut planning time and increase teacher productivity.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 3, Thursday, 11/29, 1:30-2:15, Room 12

The Exceptional Super Powers; Understanding 2E Gifted Students

  • Theresa Balan, Oklahoma State Department of Education

Can a Special Education student also be a Gifted Creative & Talented student? Gifted Children with disabilities are known as twice-exceptional  (2E) and have special needs and challenges.  This session will focus on busting myths and learning strategies to ensure 2E student success.

Gifted and Talented, All Levels

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