November 29 & 30

Session 2

Thursday, 11/29, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM


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Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Great Hall A

2019 Sequoyah Book Award Children's Author Panel with Melissa Savage, Mandy Davis, Kristin O'Donnell Tubb, Kathrine Roy, and Alyson Garber

  • Janet Bass, Moderator, #SequoyahChat
  • Jenny Regier, Moderator, #SequoyahChat
  • Melissa Savage, Author, Random House
  • Mandy Davis, Author, HarperCollins
  • Kristin O'Donnell Tubb, Author, HarperCollins
  • Katherine Roy, Author, Roaring Brook Press
  • Alyson Gerber, Author, Scholastic

Five authors nominated for the 2019 Oklahoma Sequoyah Book Award will discuss their books and answer questions about the writing process.

Library Media, Elementary

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Great Hall B

Using the Novel—TULSA BURNING—in the Classroom

  • Anna Myers, The RoadRunner Press

With the Tulsa Race Riots now part of Oklahoma's state curriculum comes the opportunity to use Oklahoma author Anna Myers's acclaimed novel TULSA BURNING as a way to make both the times and tragedy real while satisfying state curriculum mandates.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Great Hall C

Help! I Want to Integrate Technology into My Teaching!

  • Dr. Ann Caine, OSSBA
  • Anne Beck, OSSBA

Over the past three years, the OK Library of Digital Resources (OKLDR) has evolved from digital resources used on specific devices, to ePub OER courses that can be used on any device or platform. Come see how you can integrate technology into your lessons by using digital resources directly aligned to OAS, and curated by OK teachers.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Great Hall D

OLA High School Sequoyah Presentation

  • Dana Taylor, OLA High School Sequoyah Award Chair

Sequoyah High School Reading Team will present titles on the 2018 Masterlist, as well as the Not Quite Sequoyahs, which are titles that almost made the list.

Library Media, High School

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Great Hall E

Googley With Extensions & Add Ons

  • Tami Shaw, Edmond Public Schools & Positive Strategery

Did you miss this packed session last year? Don't worry... round 2 is here for 2018! In this fast-paced session, participants will learn about more than 45 Chrome extensions and Drive add-ons for productivity, design, fun, screencasting, and more! Great for all levels: newbies will learn how to add and manage the third-party connections; veterans will have an opportunity to share their personal favorites. Participants can kick back and listen-to-learn (the slides will be provided for future reference) OR bring a device for hands-on exploration.  *FYI: Extensions do not work on iPads.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Room 1

How Open is Your Open?

  • Rob Carr, Accessibility Coordinator, Oklahoma ABLE Tech
  • Kimberly Berry, AT Teacher, Oklahoma ABLE Tech

Open Educational Resources (OER) allow schools to give students access to high-quality and unique educational material without paying the typically high costs that traditional publishers charge. Creators can bring their own approach to presenting learning material. The OER model also gives authors the ability to build on the work of others, meaning that tailoring learning material to a group of students is not only possible, but encouraged.  Supporters often say that OER provide better access to education for all students. More often than not, this statement is made in the context of affordability. We assert that OER also give educators a fantastic opportunity to make educational material accessible to students with disabilities in a way that traditional learning materials often are not. With the freedom and ability to choose authoring tools and directly create OER, you can help students with disabilities to independently read and use your learning materials alongside their non-disabled peers. The content of your OER and the way you engage students can help you accomplish the ultimate goal of preparing students of all abilities to enter the workforce, continue their education and actively participate in community and civic life. We will introduce you to a few simple techniques you can use to ensure that your OER meet accessibility standards required by law, and increase the educational possibilities for a wider range of students. Our conversation will help you to see these opportunities by demonstrating some of the assistive technology that enables students with disabilities to interact with the web, such as screen readers, speech input, switches, and other alternative access solutions.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Room 2

Using DALS & DAIS as summative tech assessment tools for student learning and teacher instruction

  • Dr. Indrit Vucaj, Enid Public Schools

Digital Age Learning Survey (DALS) and Digital Age Instructional Survey (DAIS) are summative assessment tools aimed to facilitate teacher instruction and enhance student learning. Specifically, DALS and DAIS measure credibly the digital age learning skills for students and instructional tech skills for teachers. The development of DALS and DAIS stem from a rigorous quantitative data analysis process, whereas DALS measures student growth in tech learning and DAIS assists alignment of teacher instruction with tech standards. Teachers may use DALS to show progress in student learning and DAIS to ensure instruction aligns with tech standards.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Room 3

Go Interactive! Get Google!

  • Jeni James, Putnam City Schools
  • Mariah Kennemer, Putnam City Schools

Learn how to use the various Google tools to add interactivity to your lessons and encourage active learning.  Ideas for using Google Slides, Docs, Drawings and more will be shared for many grade levels and subjects.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Room 4

Oklahoma's Got Talent!

  • Marla Jones, Doodle and Peck Publishing
  • Una Belle Townsend, Doodle and Peck Publishing
  • Sharon Martin, Doodle and Peck Publishing

An overview of the eighteen talented authors represented by Doodle and Peck Publishing. Authors will show the books they've written and give a description of their author visit programs. (20 mins.). Plus: Questions, answers, and visiting with the authors (20 mins.)

Library Media, Elementary

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Room 5

Using Twitter for Your Professional Development

  • Scott Haselwood, USAO

In this session, we will explore how to use Twitter for professional development. Educators know what professional development they need, Twitter can be a resource to use. Join us as we talk about a way to personalize your PD.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Room 8

Are you up for the Google Challenge?

  • Cari Orts, freEdTechnology

Through the use of mini challenges students and staff tackle learning Google Apps for Education in a fun, engaging technique that will even convince your most reluctant learners to come aboard.  The workshop will take you through several popular Google apps.

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Room 9

Strategies for Building Vivid Vocabulary

  • Keith Polette, Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso

Because reading comprehension is based on a strong working vocabulary, students will become more skilled readers if they learn to expand their vocabularies.  This session will present new, dynamic, ready-to-use ways to teach students how to develop the critical vocabulary skills they need to become more effective readers.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Room 10

Adventure Awaits:  Empower Student Learning with a Book Club and Travel

  • Cindy Bryant, Idabel Middle School
  • Laura Bullock, Idabel Middle School
  • Julie Parnell, Idabel Middle School

Educate students regarding American history and geography through a hands-on experience. Time Trekkers Book Club takes a trip to the areas read about in novels and introduces students first-hand to the places and cultures of their readings. Students read a book each month and meet for an in-depth book discussion. Topics include book summaries, theme discussion, and historical events and their impacts on society. Come learn how to begin your middle/high school club. We'll walk you through membership, book selection, fundraising, and trip planning.

Library Media, Middle School/Junior High

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Room 11

Public Libraries and You... and you... and you... and you

  • Jeanette Kennedy, Seminole Public Library
  • Brenda Presley, Seminole Public Schools

With so many demands falling on LMS and teachers it is refreshing to know how public libraries can partner with teachers, students, and parents.  From the smallest rural communities to urban areas, public libraries are available and waiting to be your go-to resource.  Literacy and all it entails is promoted daily and free for the asking. You may be surprised by what all we have to offer.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 2, Thursday, 11/29, 11:15-12:00, Room 12

Hyperdocs: Taking Differentiation into Hyper Speed

  • Jessie Pingry, Yukon Public Schools

In a classroom of ever changing learning styles and levels, differentiation can seem like a daunting task.  This session will show how HyperDocs (a digital, interactive document) and Google Classroom can be used in tandem to create an individualized learning environment.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

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