OTA Encyclo-Media 38: November 29 & 30

OTA Student Media Festival EAST: April 24

OTA Student Media Festival WEST: May 1

Session 2

Tuesday, 10/3, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM


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Great Hall C - 2nd floor

Designing Your Digital Legacy

Kevin Honeycutt, Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas


In this presentation for kids, teachers or educational leaders I explore the idea of Digital Legacy. This notion that everything people publish is forever associated with them is powerful and important and we can’t wait to start shaping student thinking around it.

Great Hall D - 2nd floor

High School Sequoyah Presentation

Leah Weyand, Sequoyah-Oklahoma Library Association

Library Media - High School

The Sequoyah High School Reading Team will present titles on the 2018 Masterlist, as well as the Not Quite Sequoyahs which are titles that almost made the list.

Great Hall E - 2nd floor

Sequoyah Book Award Author Panel

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, Penguin Young Readers and the book The War That Saved My Life
Victoria Jamieson, Penguin Young Readers and the book Roller Girl
Lois Ruby, Scholastic Publishing and the book The Doll Graveyard

Library Media - All Levels


Two 2018 Sequoyah Award nominees and the 2017 Sequoyah Children's Award winner will speak briefly and take questions in an informal chat session.

Room A - 1st floor

Graphic Novels Give Readers Super Powers

Michael Dahl, Capstone/Bigbee Learning Resources

Library Media - Middle School

Graphic novels are everywhere. Kids love them! But are they really literature? How do graphic novels affect a learner’s brain? And what’s safe and appropriate? In this humorous, swiftly paced presentation learn definitions, strategies, and research that will positively impact your readers, increase circulation in your libraries, and give your students the 21st-Century power of visual literacy!

Room 9 - 1st floor

Painless Grammar: Teaching Grammar through Writing

Dr. Keith Polette, University of Texas at El Paso

Curriculum & Instruction - All Levels

The focus of this powerful session is on teaching students to understand and use the 17 essential elements of grammar in their writing. When students consciously learn to use these 17 elements of grammar, they will develop the essential skills that will enable them to write purposefully, powerfully, effectively, and confidently. All activities are based on common core standards.

Room 10 - 1st floor

Get Going with Google Classroom!

Drew Robinson, Tulsa PS

Instructional Technology - All Levels

Google Classroom creates a learning management system wrapper for Google Apps, allowing teachers and students to further leverage this powerful suite of tools. Join us as we walk you through Google Classroom and explore how it ties into the rest of GSuite for Education.

Room 11 - 1st floor

iPad Projects for Early Childhood

Karla Johnson, Enid PS
Teresa Murray, Enid PS
Pam Siegel, Enid PS

Instructional Technology - Elementary

Introduction to projects which can be made on the iPad or Chromebook. I will show sites I use for early childhood to make projects.

Room 12 - 1st floor

Lessons Learned Managing PCs, Macs, Chromebooks and iPads

Wesley Fryer, Casady School
Lorin Swenson, Casady School
Tommy Snider, Casady School

Technology Infrastructure - All Levels

IT staff at Casady School share lessons learned managing a variety of devices. These include using Clonezilla (free) to image Windows PCs, using Apple Server to image Mac laptops, the Google Admin Console to manage Chromebooks, and using Apple Configurator 2 with a Mobile Device Manager (now TabPilot, initially Meraki) to manage iPads.

Room 16 - 2nd floor

Bring Oklahoma Biographies into the Curriculum

Darleen Bailey Beard, Best of Books
Pati Hailey, Best of Books
Gwendolyn Hooks, Best of Books
Jane McKellips, Best of Books
Cheryl Schuermann, Best of Books

Library Media - Elementary

Join the “I AM OKLAHOMA” biography authors as they share tips on how to use their biography series in the classroom. (Every public elementary school in the state received a free five-book set.) They’ve created fun, easy-to-teach, and quick lessons that tie into history, math, science, art, and more. Door prizes include autographed copies of each book and discounted author visits. Come join the fun and meet these award-winning Oklahoma authors: Darleen Bailey Beard, Pati Hailey, Gwendolyn Hooks, Jane McKellips, & Cheryl Schuermann.

Room 17 - 2nd floor

The Creative Classroom

Jeni James, Putnam City PS
Mariah Kennemer, Putnam City PS

Instructional Technology - All Levels

If you are looking for ways to increase engagement, encourage creativity, and strengthen student achievement, this session is for you!  We will be sharing digital project ideas for adding higher level thinking and creativity to any subject/grade. Tools, tips and tricks for managing student work flow will also be discussed.

Room 18 - 2nd floor

Reading Roadtrip: Create a Book Club Adventure through Travel!

Martha Battles, Broken Bow PS
Ashlei Hanks, Broken Bow PS
Julie Parnell, Idabel PS
Cindy Bryant, Idabel PS

Library Media - All Levels

H3 (History Happens Here) Time Travelers is a historical fiction book club created to connect students to United States history through literature and travel.  In this workshop, gain the information needed to facilitate the creation of a book club that advances beyond reading and discussion.  Students receive the opportunity to discover the history they have read about as it leaps off the pages and into reality during their travels to actual places found in the settings of the books.

Room 19 - 2nd floor

Emotion and Gifted

Elizabeth Anne Albright, Oklahoma Association for Gifted, Creative, and Talented

Gifted & Talented - All Levels

This session will provide a brief overview of emotion theories related to gifted and talented.  Ideas for instructional practice related to emotional development will be shared.

Room 20 - 2nd floor

I'm Going to the Library! Collaborating with the Public Library to Increase Resources

Jeanette Kennedy, Seminole Public Library

Library Media - All Levels

Resources are important!  Data bases, tangible books and ebooks are expensive.  Don't reinvent the wheel.  Learn how working with your public library not only increases the availability of your collection, but comes with certified professionals on staff to help you and your students.  Have a big project coming up?  Let us help.  It's like increasing your staff with prepaid tax dollars.

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