November 29 & 30

Session 1

Thursday, 11/29, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM


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Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Great Hall A

Makerspaces and the National School Library Standards

  • Kelli Carney, Northeastern State University
  • Alesha Baker, Northeastern State University
  • Susan Henderson, Union Public Schools

This session focuses on the new AASL National School Library Standards' shared foundation EXPLORE and provides examples of how makerspaces in school libraries are supported by the new standards.  Attendees will come away with implementation strategies, funding suggestions, and view examples of makerspaces in action.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Great Hall B

Kid Friendly Library of Congress

  • Janet Bass, Oklahoma Christian School
  • Jan Davis, Oklahoma Department of Libraries

With millions of digitized resources available, searching the Library of Congress can be overwhelming for even experienced researchers.  Come hear many ways The Library is creating to make its treasures accessible for even the youngest students. Fun, action packed, hands on learning in this session presented by your favorite LOC.GOV advocates!

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Great Hall C

Social Media, the First Amendment, and Data Security: “Can I Say it? Can You Secure it?”

  • Colin Webb, Noble Public Schools
  • Glen Hammonds, Assistant Attorney General

Free speech ain’t always “Free”. Social media use by students and staff has emerged as a major legal issue. It has become a leading cause of student suspensions, staff terminations and legal liability for teachers and administrators. Student/Staff information data security presents legal challenges for administrators.  This session will explore legal decisions impacting first amendment applications in schools and the responsibility for data security and integrity of student and staff information.

School Administration, All Levels

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Great Hall D

Graphic Novels Give Readers Super Powers

  • Michael Dahl, Capstone/Bigbee Learning Solutions

Graphic novels are everywhere.  Kids love them!  But are they really literature?  How do graphic novels affect a learner's brain?  And what's safe and appropriate?  In this humorous, swiftly-paced presentation learn definitions, strategies, and research that will positively impact your readers, increase circulation in your libraries, and give your students the 21st-Century power of visual literacy!

Library Media, Middle School/Junior High

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Great Hall E

Oklahoma Authors Showcase Panel 1

  • Tammi Sauer
  • Briton Heitt
  • Brenda Maier
  • Hannah Harrison

The Oklahoma Author's Showcase is a long-running panel that allows attendees to hear from some of the most established, successful voices in Oklahoma writing along with meeting new faces of on-the-rise literary talent.

Library Media, All Levels

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Room 1

Google 20% Time Projects in a High School Technology Course

  • Toby Brown, PhD, Stillwater High School

Join our discussion of implementing an independent study project, based on Google's 20% Time, in a high school elective class. I've completed four iterations of 20& Time in my courses, and will share student stories, impact on learning, standards, engagement, and resources.

Curriculum and Instruction, High School

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Room 2

Media Literacy and the Core Four

  • Kody Hookstra, Yukon Middle School

Technology is useless if it degrades literacy skills. It's time to smash media literacy into the pedagogy of the core four.  This presentation provides a nerd's-eye-view of media messaging blended with the four core subjects.  The outcome may surprise you!

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Room 3

Coding Craze

  • Jeni James, Putnam City Schools
  • Mariah Kennemer, Putnam City Schools
  • Jessica Bowie, Putnam City Schools

Improve problem solving and critical thinking by having your students learn to code.  We will share free ways to add coding to your classroom.  Tips, tricks and ideas will be shared for multiple platforms, grade levels, and classroom set ups.  Come join us!

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Room 4

Enrichment for ALL Students + Gifted within the Classroom

  • Lana Ingram, John Rex Charter School

All students deserve the opportunities, resources, and encouragement to develop their talents. Come learn how to cultivate the interests and passions in ALL of your students using the Schoolwide Enrichment Model (Renzuilli and Reis, University of Connecticut). We will also dive into serving Gifted students within the classroom.

Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Room 5

What is Gamification? How do I use it in my classroom?

  • Scott Haselwood, USAO

Have you ever thought of setting up your classroom like a game? Or considered using gaming elements to complement your teaching? In this session, we will talk about what gamification is and leave with some practical tips that you can start using with your students tomorrow!

Instructional Technology, All Levels

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Room 8

Overview of the Free Online Pepper Platform for Teachers

  • Alina Coffman, Public Consulting Group
  • Frankie Jones, Public Consulting Group

Free Professional Development Training is available online for current and future teachers/administrators in Oklahoma. Come to this session for an overview of the Pepper tool, available modules, online communities and resources. Great for personal growth or district PD day.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Room 9


  • Keith Polette, Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso

What to do when students fail to read “between the lines,” when they can’t seem to be able to make inferences necessary for the creation of deep meaning?   Use new, explicit techniques that help struggling readers develop the inferential skills they need to become independent readers.  This workshop will demonstrate powerful, effective, and ready-to-use “best practices” to help all students develop essential skills to read both inferentially and connotatively. All activities are based on common core standards.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Room 10

Trends in YA Literature

  • Mari Pace, Bethany High School
  • Stefne Miller, YA Author

This session will talk about the current trends in YA lit, and give suggestions on how to keep students engaged in reading throughout their middle school/high school years. This session will also feature Oklahoma YA author Stefne Miller.

Library Media, Middle School/Junior High

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Room 11

Oh, Christmas Tree

  • Melody Aufill, Ag in the Classroom
  • Cheri Long, Ag in the Classroom
  • Audrey Harmon, Ag in the Classroom

Explore interactive, fun activities about Christmas utilizing literature and STEM to engage students in your classrooms.  Leave with new Ag in the Classroom resources and ideas to implement immediately.

Curriculum and Instruction, All Levels

Session 1, Thursday, 11/29, 10:15-11:00, Room 12

High Service for Low Income Learners

  • Julie Kreft, Eisenhower Elementary School
  • Terri Curtis, Madison Elementary School

This session will cover strategies, best practices, ideas, and resources that can be used for librarians and school staff in reaching and understanding students from poverty, trauma, or domestic instability.

Library Media, All Levels

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